eG Enterprise for IT Monitoring


eG Enterprise uses a combination of agent-based and agentless approach to monitor the health and performance of the entire IT infrastructure from application code to bare metal across physical, virtual and cloud, and hybrid IT environments – from a single pane of glass.

Using a patented performance correlation and root cause diagnosis technology, eG Enterprise simplifies performance troubleshooting, resulting in faster problem resolution and increased operational efficiency for IT pros.

eG Enterprise is a total performance management solution that provides automated IT monitoring, diagnosis, and reporting to troubleshoot application slowdowns, user experience issues, network outages, virtualization bottlenecks, server failures, storage hotspots, and more.

IT Monitoring and Proactive Performance Management

  • Application AvailabilityeG Enterprise helps you to monitor, pre-emptively detect and quickly resolve application issues.
  • Cost ReductioneG Enterprise helps you identify bottlenecks, maximize
    resource utilization and reduce hardware and software costs and to right-size your IT infrastructure.
  • Operational EfficiencyeG Enterprise empowers helpdesk personnel to manage and troubleshoot performance issues. This way, organizations can significantly reduce their IT operations costs.
  • Performance OptimizationWith visibility into the performance of every layer, every tier of the infrastructure, you can determine how to optimally utilize the current infrastructure investments to do more.
  • MigrationYou can identify problems introduced during migration and fix them quickly as they arise.
  • Scaling RolloutseG Enterprise’s historical reporting and predictive analytics help identify bottlenecks in the infrastructure.
  • Compliance TrackingTrack user logins, access durations and application usage for compliance reporting. Alert on exceptions for immediate remediation. Detect and report history


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